We are specialists in software maintenance, and we offer cost-effective solutions to manage and improve your software. We can maintain your current software system as well as modify and update your software to improve performance and extend the functionality.

Your system requirements may change over time and we can help to migrate legacy software; implement enhancements; correct faults; improve the design and accommodate integration.

We utilize corrective maintenance to rectify defects/bugs observed whilst the system is in use, and to enhance the performance of the system. In addition; we apply adaptive maintenance for modifications and updating on new platforms and new operating systems. With perfective maintenance, we support the new features and different types of functionalities of the system according to the customer demands. We also make use of preventive maintenance for future problems of the software; in which modifications and updates are executed which are not currently significant to the system but may cause serious issues in the future.

We offer long- and short-term software maintenance support packages at cost-effective prices. For more information on our packages and support; get in touch with us [email protected].